Did you know you can hatch chicken eggs in your home, workplace, or school?

Minihatch is pleased to provide rental services of high-quality, computer-controlled incubators. Whether you are a small farm, an education facility or institution or just looking for something different to try out in the home, consider renting one of our incubators and give it a try!

Interested in renting an incubator? Its easy, just follow the steps at the form below and we will get in touch with you regarding availability and access.

Please note, we no longer provide eggs for incubation nor can we accept chicks or unhatched eggs due to biosecurity concerns. Please consider this prior to contacting us and have a plan in place for homing the offspring and properly disposing of biological wastes.

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Additional Options

The following items can be added to any rental if requested for the cost associated with it:

  • Ova-Scope with Standard Ova-View Candler– great product for use when candling.  Can be used to project images or pictures onto a screen or the web. Cost is $35* per 30 days.
  • Standard Ova-View Candler- A high quality candling unit for lighting the inside of eggs during incubation. Cost is $15* per 30 days.
  • High Intensity Candler – A stronger candling light will be provided. Cost is $25* per 30 days.
  • Egg Scale– This tool is great and not included in all kits.  The scale can be used to weigh eggs and incorporate more math into the general program overall.  Cost is $25* per 30 days.
  • Education Visit or Information Session– one of our egg-sperts will come into your class or facility and give a 20 minute talk on incubation and birds and then at least a 10 minute Q & A session.  Cost is $100* for each visit plus travel time.