Welcome to the new minihatch.com!

We are re-developing our program!  We are now doing equipment rentals to allow you to incubate and hatch whatever you like! 

Why the Change?

Over the years, we have faced many challenges with our previous business model.  With the rising prince of fuel, feed, and housing for our birds, we felt it was time to re-visit how we deliver our products and services.  As well, the Fraser Valley was at risk of many potential diseases which we continue to mitigate for and protect our flock from.

Many of our customers were looking to hatch species we could not provide, like ducks, geese, and quail.  This new model will allow our customers to source their choice of birds, directly from farmers and provide more flexibility in what we can offer!  We hope this will encourage a new connection from producer to our customers and foster increased knowledge of food systems and environmental awareness.

Why miniHatch?

Our new rental program was designed with the needs of our customers in mind.  We are please to offer Brinsea’s Mini Advance Incubators to clients looking to hatch single groups of eggs.

We at miniHatch are committed to providing you the opportunity to experience nature in its most amazing form wherever you are. 

Book Early!

We will have a limited number of machines available each week to begin their incubation period.  In order to assure you can have a machine for your desired time, please call email us at reserve@minihatch.com. We hope to provide all interested groups the opportunity to enroll in the program this year.