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About Us

The miniHatch objective was to originally provide students in the numerous schools of British Columbia with an opportunity to hatch eggs in their classrooms and bridge the growing disconnect between students, agriculture and their food supply, with the ultimate goal of promoting food security in the province of British Columbia and Canada as a whole.  Now, that goal has expanded into homes, seniors facilities and public locations around the province.

miniHatch was an idea that originated after our team realized the difficulty of bringing agriculture, more specifically, livestock into classroom education.  It was further supported by recent movements in the fields of food security and promotion of sustainability.

Our Incubators

Our incubators are provided by C. Botkin Enterprises Ltd.  They provide us with the latest in computer-controlled environmental systems.  These incubators are produced by Brinsea Products Inc. and are manufactured in the United Kingdom.  C. Botkin Enterprises became the sole Canadian distributor of this high-quality product line in May of 2009.

Mini Incubators

  • Our Mini Incubators are all new and maintained by us.  Each time a hatch comes off in one of our machines, it is thoroughly cleaned before moving into the next class.  Each unit is also monitored for its efficience regularly.
  • We use two models of machines, one coming with completely automatic, computer-controlled humidity, temperature and turning.  The primary model comes with computer-controlled temperature, humidity and a hatch count-down timer.
  • Each unit is provided with 6 eggs that come from our Avian Research Center.
  • All mini incubators run on 12 volt power, and use a CSA certified power source to fit 110 volt systems in North America.


The miniHatch logo was created by Kelsey Grant at Fresh Design.

To see more of Kelsey's work, visit her site.