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miniHatch is now happy to offer a number of different programs for our customers.

This page links to all the different programs we are pleased to be able offer.

Click the appropraite link below for a summary of the program:

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Core Program- Preschool to Grade 3

This program is designed for primary school-aged kids.  Incubators are dropped off when convenient between Monday and Wednesday each week.  Eggs will require a full-term of incubation before hatching.  This kit includes the incubator, candling lamp, eggs, water for incubator, educational materials, delivery and pickup of equipment and chicks, and 2 class discussion sessions.

Intermediate Program- Grade 3- Grade 7

This program includes all of the equipment with the Primary program plus a scale for monitoring egg weight loss during incubation, numbered eggs, and the related educational materials.

Condensed Program- Daycare, Preschool & Kindergarten

This program is designed for students in early educational settings.  In this program, we deliver eggs that are 1 week from hatching between Tuesday and Wednesday to hatch the following week.  Bookings in this program must be made 4 weeks before desired initial vist.  Delivery with this program includes incubator, 6 eggs around 1 week from hatching, water for incubator, educational materials, and pickup of chicks and equipment.

Senior's Home Program

This program includes everything in the core program, including incubator, eggs, candler, water for incubator, educational materials, delivery and pickup.  We are also happy to provide a Q & A session with one of our egg-sperts if there is further interest.

Home School Program- NOT AVAILABLE IN 2013-14

This program is the same as the Core Program, but does not include delivery and pickup of materials.  Meeting can be arranged, but also includes a farm visit for the family at the time of chick drop-off.  Incubator and chicks must be dropped off within 40 hours of the first chick emerging from the shell.

Additional Options

The following items can be added to any program if requested for the cost associated with it:

  • Ova-Scope- great product for use when candling.  Can be used to project images or pictures onto a screen or the web. Cost is $15 per ordered kit.
  • High Intensity Candler Kit- a stronger candling light will be provided. Cost is $10 per ordered kit.
  • MiniHatch Scale- This tool is great and not included in all kits.  The scale can be used to weigh eggs and incorporate more math into the general program overall.  Cost is $15 per ordered kit.
  • Additional Visit and Information Session- one of our egg-sperts will come into your class or facility and give a 20 minute talk on incubation and birds and then at least a 10 minute Q & A session.  Cost is $50 for each visit if not included with the program requested.


Fun Facts!

  • Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.
  • It takes about 10,000 pecks for a chick to escape the egg.
  • There are over 300 breeds of chickens.