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2017 Update - At this point, we are not offering MiniHatch in 2017.  Please check this page for updates and possible reservation dates in May 2017.  We are not currently monitoring our e-mail addresses as we are not running the program.  Ww may return to regular delivery in the 2017-18 school year.

Program information can now be found on our Programs page.  Click here to go to the page.

miniHatch is a revolutionary new program bringing the amazing miracle of life into homes and classrooms.  The use of the newest, most digitally advanced incubators available are placed at locations interested in hosting one of our machines.

Please visit our miniHatch Frequently Asked Questions page to see a list of common questions about our program including health concerns and what will come to your classroom.

Why miniHatch?

The miniHatch service provides delivery of eggs, the incubator, a candler and pickup of chicks after they hatch.  The chicks we hatch are exhibition quality poultry that return to our breeding farm.  If you go to some of the fairs in British Columbia, you may just see some of the birds your class hatched!

The service is the first of its kind in the country, and is currently run out of the C. Botkin Avian Research Facility in Delta B.C.

We at miniHatch are committed to providing you the opportunity to experience nature in its most amazing form wherever you are. 

The miniHatch program is very simple to follow, just call our hatching hotline or e-mail us to book a visit or a professional development appointment and you are ready to begin!

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Book Early!

In 2015, we will have a limited number of machines available each week to begin their incubation period.  In order to assure you can have a machine for your desired time, please call as soon as possible or email us at We hope to provide all interested groups the opportunity to enroll in the program this year.



New- Click the Resource link in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Here you can find signs, chick identification guides, quick reference guides, arrival and preparation guides, and forms.

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A Dark Brahma Bantam

  • The miniHatch program will bridge the disconnect between humans and their foodsources. 
  • Further to the program, eggs provided are bantam varieties, which go on to join our flocks at the C. Botkin Avian Research Center, where they compete in numerous poultry exhibitions around North America.
  • Our miniHatch representatives are always available to answer your questions!

Common FAQ's in Brief

  • You cannot keep chicks beyond 2 days after hatching as they need to eat and be with other chicks.
  • We try our best to ensure each returning class gets different chicks than they had the previous year.
  • We now offer discounts for multiple bookings in the same period for the same school.  Discount rates are:
    • 3-4 get 10% off*
    • 4-6 get 15% off*
    • 6+ get 20% off*

* Discount does not apply to early booking incentives.